What if I'm not happy with the meal plans?

Unfortunately we do not provide trial memberships so please make your decision carefully.

As stated clearly on all our sales pages, we do not offer refunds because you get access to exclusive members only content as soon as you checkout. You also agree to the refunds policy when you go through the checkout and accept our Terms & Conditions.

While we endeavor to make delicious meals that everyone will love, it's difficult to cater to everyone's exact preferences when making a meal plan. 

By including 4 lunches and 4 dinners each week, we do provide you with plenty of choice and variety to pick and choose meals you may enjoy.

Therefore, if you are unhappy, we do apologize.

All our sales pages state very clearly what's included in your membership. Therefore, if you have made assumptions about the meal plans or you make the wrong decision, then sorry, but we are not responsible for your decisions.

Our sales pages also clearly guide you to ask questions BEFORE making a purchase. So again, our apologies but we do not offer refunds.

Another important question is: Have you actually tried the meal plans? Or any of the recipes?

People that contact us for refunds, often haven't even tried the plans. The food may seem strange but you need to try the recipes and meals and see the results that can occur.

We invest substantial efforts to help people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes transform their lives. And people are getting great results from our plans, so please make the effort to try our delicious healthy recipes and meals. You will thank yourself for it!




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